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How can Aromatherapy help you?

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy treatment that incorporates herbal medicine.  At Essentially Yours, we only use 100% pure, organic therapeutic grade oils.  Knowledge of these plant oils has been around since Egyptian days.  These oils and their uses have also been found in countries such as China and India.

In North America and Europe, aromatherapy is very popular.  In addition to being used in holistic treatments, it is also used in spas and sold as products such as massage oil and other products that are used for massage therapy treatments.

There are many ailments that can be treated by using Aromatherapy:

•    Earaches
•    Indigestion
•    Headaches
•    Flu
•    Muscle pain
•    Joint pain

The essential oils used are from the leaves, stems, buds, branches and other parts of plants.  These items go through the processed of being distilled by steam and water.